We are an adult social networking team who aim to widen your circle of libertine friends, newbies or experienced players alike.

We believe the best way to make new friends is in a social environment with a professional host / hostess to make things happen. It’s so much less pressurized than meeting a stranger one-on-one and with bigger numbers; there is more choice and more indulgence too!

We provide events to remember – ones you will look forward to and back on as special occasions. All you need do is decide which event to go, book online, and then turn up ready to enjoy meeting new people in new places.


Stop it, you’re making us blush...

It’s nice to get a pat on the back from time to time even if we do blush to the roots of our hair sometimes.

City Slickers Parties takes your privacy seriously.

Our privacy policy covers how we treat personal information that we collect and/or receive, including information related to your past use of our products and services. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your address, email address or phone number and that is not otherwise publicly available.

We DO NOT SHARE personal information with other 3rd parties and your information will remain private and anonymous.


Franchise opportunities

See yourself as a City Slickers Director?

City Slickers Parties operates throughout London. If you would like to start a City Slickers franchise elsewhere we’d be happy to discuss it with you. Bear in mind that to be successful you need a catchment area with a large number of potential members, and a good selection of event venues close to hand. City Slickers is, therefore, best suited to larger conurbations and cities. Members of City Slickers are welcome to attend events held by any City Slickers franchise and London City Slickers events and holidays.

Swingers or Cheaters?

To someone with no knowledge of the swingers lifestyle, swinging and cheating may seem like the same thing, but there is a very distinct difference:

Cheating is defined as a betrayal of trust between two individuals where one partner has a sexual encounter without the others knowledge, while swinging is a mutual decision made by partners in a committed relationship to engage in sexual activities with others.

It is well known in lifestyle circles that swinging can strengthen a relationship, especially for couples who have been together for many years where the sex life may have become somewhat “boring”.

Cheating on the other hand can, and most likely will destroy a marriage once the other partner discovers the infidelity.

Swinging has become so popular…

Swingers tend to be couples who are highly sexual, or have been sexually adventurous at some point in their marriage. This can be role playing, toys in the bedroom, however even role play and toys will only be exciting for so long.

This is one of the reasons swinging has become so popular over the last decade with an explosion of websites dedicated to swingers and of course parties which brings like-minded people together.

There are also many websites that promote cheating on your spouse, but while these help to promote the destruction of marriages, swingers websites on the other hand, promote a sense of community by bringing couples together both online and in the real world. The lifestyle is all about respecting and caring for your partner and trust is the core foundation.

There is no sneaking around behind your partners back looking for sexual gratification. Swingers don’t participate in the lifestyle to find someone to replace their partner; they are looking to enhance the relationship they already have. That is the appeal of the lifestyle; sexual experiences are shared together creating a stronger bond between the couple.