While most Parties Organizations and Lifestyle Clubs cater for a large variety of individuals with the provision of private rooms in which you can escape from unwanted players... at City Slickers Parties we specialize in Partouse and therefore members have to fit our rigorous selection criteria in order to avoid seediness associated with traditional ‘scene’.

You do not have to be a super model, nor we discriminate on ethnicity, religion or sex orientations, however you have to take good care of yourself, have a certain amount of intellect and a good sense of humour. Age is not an issue. All what we require is a recent clear face and full body picture if you wish to become a member.

We believe that it is not the “extra single guy” the problem but the attendance of the right type of like-minded people that makes a Partouse. Venues allowing we can provide from 6 to 8 double beds together forming a large Partouse Play Area where as many as 50 people can partake at one time.

Rule # 1: No means NO and you DO NOT ask WHY. There are no exceptions to this, and harassing someone will only get you removed from the party. One of the great things about the atmosphere of our parties is that everyone can be honest, while also being respectful of one another. A polite rejection shouldn't be taken as an offence, and there are bound to be plenty of others there who will play with you instead. As a general rule, it is the girls who are in charge. They are the ones who get to say “yes” or “no”, and they should ideally be the ones to initiate contact.

Furthermore we provide a well distinguished Colour coded Wristband implying the following meaning;


BLUE: Bi-sexual Male | BLACK: Knight of The Round Bed | RED: Cuckold Husband


YELLOW: Newbie require some space DO NOT approach but wait to be spoken to.

GREEN: Experienced player who knows what she wants and how to get it! (Suits those Greedy Girls)

NO Wristband: Well you will have to find out won’t you?

Just remember everyone is there because they have been specifically invited and because they have all expressed an interest in meeting like-minded people.

We take a very dim view of guys who hassle girls, and that kind of behaviour will generally result in you being asked to leave. Always respect peoples’ sexual boundaries. Everyone likes to have fun, but everyone has their limits and these limits are not always as you might assume them to be. Always ensure that everything you do is consensual. City Slickers Parties is not just about having sex but the look and feel aspects of sexuality in a safe environment where the girls are in control.