How we operate

We are an adult social networking team who aims to widen your circle of like-minded friends, newbies or experienced players, both male and females!

We believe the best way to make new friends is in a social environment with a professional host to make things happen. It’s so much less pressurized than meeting a stranger one-to-one and with bigger numbers, there is more choice and more indulgence too! We provide events to remember – ones you will look forward to and back on as special occasions.

All you need to do is decide which event to go to, book in and then turn up ready to enjoy meeting new people in new places.

How do I get an invitation?

First of all you need to be a member of City Slickers Parties. Only members will receive invitations. So to begin our interest… you have to spark that essential chemistry! You should have an above average sense of humor, a sense of fun and some amount of intellect. There should also be an element of ‘something’ for us being able to put our trust in you.

While most Parties Organizations and Clubs cater for a large variety of individuals with the provision of private rooms in which you can escape from unwanted players, at City Slickers we specialize in Partouse and therefore members have to fit our rigorous selection criteria.

Simply because our parties are those of the kind in which we might all get naked, openly and without lockable rooms aiming to form an ultimate Partouse Scenario a vetting criteria is paramount to provide our members with what they want. We believe that it is not the “extra single guy” the problem but the attendance of the right type of like-minded people that makes a Partouse.

You can register on the ”MEMBERSHIP” page. To apply you will need to send us a recent clear face and full body picture and tell us a little about yourself. Only applicants who meet our selection criteria on looks, profession etc will be accepted by strict membership vetting and an environment where women are always in control.

How do I find out the location of the party?

The location of the parties is kept secret from everyone except those people on the guest list. The invites you will receive by email will give you the general location of the venue.  When your place on the list is confirmed you will receive an email 48 hours prior to the party with the exact location.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, the code is elegant and sexy. The dress at parties is sometimes themed and although the dress code is not strict all our members are independently and effortlessly stylish.

Knights we cannot express it highly enough to dress as you would for a special, upmarket and exclusive night out. Those arriving in Jeans, Trainers or T Shirts will be obliged to purchase a Man’s Stripper Uniform for £15 at the reception.

Can I pay on the door?

No, we’re afraid not. We recommend to book early as we are strictly limited in the numbers we can accommodate so as to keep everything intimate and special so to avoid disappointment at the last minute, payment in advance is advisable to secure your place. Only those people who have paid in full will be sent the location details for the party.

What should I expect when I get there?

Imagine walking into a cool bar, or an exclusive private party full of gorgeous people who are chatting, drinking, flirting and having fun. You’ll probably be met at the door by one of our Hostesses, welcomed and given a drink. You’ll be given a tour of the venue and introduced to a few other guests. After that you are welcome to mingle as much as you like with like-minded people, meeting up and getting to know each other.

There is absolutely no pressure to do anything more if that is all what you want from the evening, but unlike the cool bar or the exclusive party, the difference at our parties is that if any of these people click and decide they want to have sex, they can have sex right there.

People get together in twos, threes, fours (and more) and have sex when they have met someone they like. Sometimes this can happen quickly; other times a couple might flirt all evening before they decide to get together.

It’s my first time. How can you help me get over my first night nerves?

This is normal. Everyone is nervous attending their first party and you will probably find that many of the people there are just as nervous as you are. But remember, everyone is there because they have been specifically invited and because they have all expressed an interest in meeting like-minded people.

No-one will judge you, and everyone will be interested in meeting you. You will probably find that it is like walking into a room full of old friends. Everyone has something in common, and everyone will be attractive, professional and fun. But most of all, they are all there because they want to meet people like you. First night nerves usually disappear very quickly – particularly after a couple of glasses of champagne – and we’re sure that pretty soon you will feel relaxed and you’ll have the time of your life.

What kind of people can I expect to meet?

People like you – people we have invited and who fit our rigorous selection criteria. We only admit people who are preferably under 45, attractive, professional, sexually confident who take good care of themselves and are likely to fit in.

The ratio of our monthly parties vary from 'Females & Couples Only' to Selected Knights Allowed (max 1 Knight each 2 Couples) however single guys need to be Knighted by a Female Member who can vouch for them as Gentlemen in the Lounge and Studs in the Bedroom when invited... for women are always in charge as this is the key for spicing things up, they can get more confidence and can happily dance around in their underwear without being jumped on.

Do I have to join in?

Of course not! There is absolutely no pressure to join in if you don’t want to. If you simply want to come to the party to have a drink, a chat and a flirt, feel free to do so. However, should you want to join in… then don’t be shy. If you see someone you like, chat to them. If you like each other, a light stroke of the forearm or thigh, or even a polite “would you like to play?” will often be enough to initiate sexual contact. If the person politely declines, then accept it. No means NO and don’t ask why. There are no exceptions to this, and harassing someone will only get you removed from the party.

One of the great things about the atmosphere of our parties is that everyone can be honest, while also being respectful of one another. A polite rejection shouldn’t be taken as an offense, and there are bound to be plenty of others there who will play with you instead. As a general rule, it is the girls who are in charge. They are the ones who get to say “yes” or “no”, and they should be the ones to initiate contact.

Furthermore we provide a well distinguished Colour coded Wristband implying the following meaning;


BLUE: Bi-sexual Male | BLACK: Knight of The Round Bed | RED: Cuckold Husband


YELLOW: Newbie require some space DO NOT approach but wait to be spoken to.

GREEN: Experienced player who knows what she wants and how to get it! (Suits those Greedy Girls)

NO Wristband: Well you will have to find out won’t you?

Just remember everyone is there because they have been specifically invited and because they have all expressed an interest in meeting like-minded people.

We take a very dim view of guys who hassle girls, and that kind of behaviour will generally result in you being asked to leave. Always respect peoples’ sexual boundaries. Everyone likes to have fun, but everyone has their limits and these limits are not always as you might assume them to be. Always ensure that everything you do is consensual. City Slickers Parties is not just about having sex but the look and feel aspects of sexuality in a safe environment where the girls are in control.

Can I bring my own drink?

The Bar is free and open to all our guests (unless specifically quoted on the invite). We keep ice, mixers and a full bar of liquor on hand. For those of you who are only going to have one, two or three drinks enjoy! If you are going to drink more than that, bring something with you to help us out.

Topless Only Policy

You must be topless to get served drinks at the bar after 10:00pm (at our parties, if you are not in the mood by 10:00pm you are in the wrong party!)

Can I bring a camera?

No. Absolutely not. Anyone caught using a camera or camera phone will be asked to leave and will be barred from future parties. We have a number of Ladies who love having their pictures taken at the parties, but that is not acceptable for everyone.

We can dedicate an area at the beginning of the party in which we will provide a photographer to take your pictures, making sure that everyone knows that this is happening and that they are OK with having their picture taken; this includes those in the background.

Can I stay overnight at the venue?

This will depend from the venue and place as our location can vary to make our parties more interesting and discreet at the same time. When possible if you choose to stay the night (i.e. after 3am) you’ll be asked to pay an additional fee or in any case we would refer you to a nearby Hotel.

I need to be careful to protect my identity. Are the parties discreet?

Yes, absolutely! We take privacy and security very seriously. You will not be required to give us your real name if you don’t want to, and the location and guest list are never shared with non-attendees. If you are invited along, please be very discreet about the location and nature of the party.

There are members of City Slickers Parties who are in the public eye and others who would lose their jobs and/or marriages if they were revealed as belonging to our club. So please respect peoples’ privacy. If a person doesn’t want to reveal their real name or their occupation, then you must respect that.

When you leave at the end of the event, please try to do so in a way that will not draw attention to us, and do not be tempted to start taking pictures of any of the guests – even if they are only taken as a personal souvenir.

What about protection. Is it all safe sex?

We strongly encourage everyone to practice safe sex, but at the end of the day it is up to the individual to be responsible for their own protection.

I prefer to play in private. Will there be rooms where I can do that?

It is very unlikely that you will be able to have complete privacy while you play, even in the bedrooms. If the sight of people having sex offends you, or if you are a strictly lights-off-door-closed person, then our events probably aren’t for you.

It is almost certain that you will see people having sex right in front of you. Guys with girls, girls with girls, or groups together. For a lot of people this kind of exhibitionism and same-room fun is a big turn on and they enjoy being watched. Others enjoy doing the watching. This means that no-one should feel inhibited if they want to have sex and if there are other people around.

No one will judge you, and you shouldn’t feel self conscious in any way. After all – if someone can see you, the chances are that later on you will see them doing the same thing, or if you are lucky, they might even ask you to join in! There will be several bedrooms at the venue and you may be able to have one to yourself for some of the evening, but we cannot guarantee it.

There will be lots of other places where people can play too – the kitchen, the sitting room, the dining room table etc. The only rooms we discourage people from playing in however are the bathrooms. It can create lots of problems if a couple lock themselves in while others are desperate for the loo!

What Our Members Are Saying

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Franchise opportunities

See yourself as a City Slickers Director?

City Slickers Parties operates throughout London Mayfair, The Midlands and organises Holidays Sexcursions in Gran Canaria. If you would like to start a City Slickers Parties Franchise elsewhere we’d be happy to discuss it with you. Bear in mind that to be successful you need a catchment area with a large number of potential members, and a good selection of event venues close to hand. City Slickers Parties is, therefore, best suited to larger conurbations and cities.

Members of City Slickers Parties are welcome to attend events held by any City Slickers Parties Franchise and Sexcursions Holidays in Gran Canaria.